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July 23, 2024

Founder of Global Dance Festival – Bailamos, Neeraj Maskara Internationally renowned salsa dancer brings the International Dance Festival to Mumbai

Spearheaded by Neeraj Maskara, Bailamos 2016 is scheduled from April 8th Friday, 9th Saturday & 10th Sunday 2016 at Renaissance Mumbai Hotel and Convention Centre.


In an exclusive press interaction, Internationally renowned salsa dancer Neeraj Maskara addressed the media about his upcoming dance fiesta “Bailamos 2016”. He proclaimed “All the beginners who wish to step in the world of dance are most welcome at Bailamos 2016. They can register free of cost. There is no hassle for the registration procedure. We welcome all the blossoming dancers at the three day dance fiesta”.

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In every field of creative endeavour we come across an individual that raises the bar to an ultimate peak for that particular field of artistic achievement. In the arena of professional dancers, we have our very own Super Star. We are going to make an attempt to tell you what we can about this incredible success story. Yes, and of course, it is that young and engaging person we all know “Neeraj Maskara”.

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Bring Bailamos to India for the 1st time,  Neeraj proclaims “I’m excited about bringing Bailamos to India. The experience at Bailamos is like no other festival because it brings together the kind of energy and vibe which is impossible to get in a pure music festival or any club in town. We are expecting over 2000 people from 50 countries to attend the festival, all united by their love for dance, music, party, fashion, lifestyle and inter-cultural social gatherings. There is something for everyone during the Bailamos weekend whether you want to try  our  your  first  intensive  dance  classes,  or  sit  back  and  enjoy  the  most  breathtaking  show program  featuring  over  30  world  champion  artists,  or  just  a  great  night  out  to  party  elegantly along with friends in a 5 star setting. I’m most excited to see the way people from all over the country are coming together for this celebration of dance and music in Mumbai”.

Neeraj  Maskara  has  taught  and  performed  at  more  than  500  dance  festivals  in  80  countries around the world since 2003. With experiences spanning over a decade, he is an inspiration for budding passionate performers all over the world. Sharing this passion for dance and the art of performing are many other such accomplished international award winning artists who will be joining the jury panel for “Bailamos”.

In  October  2015,  World  renowned  Salsa  dancer  Neeraj  Maskara  won the  1st annual  lifetime achievement  award  at  the  Berlin  Salsa  Congress  in  Berlin.  One  of  the  most  sought  after  Jazz Ballet  and  Salsa  dancers  in  Europe,  Neeraj  Maskara  is  also  the  founder  of  a  global  level  dance platform “Bailamos”.  This  festival  will  take  place  in  Mumbai  for  the  first  time  in  the  month  of April  2016.  Neeraj  will  be  joined  by  a  veteran  in  the  field  of  dance,  Terence  Lewis  who  is  also the events brand ambassador.


“Bailamos  2016”  is  a  dance festival  encompassing  a  dance championship along  with  the Red Carpet weekend.  Spanning three days, this event will be inclusive of over 100 shows, 6 massive parties and 100 dance workshops. Showcasing the art of dance in all its forms, this programme has  been  designed for  first  timers  to  the  trained dancers  in various  forms.  The jury  for  the championship  will comprise  of  artists  who  have won  world  championships  in their  respective dance styles.