February 28, 2024

FFIRST IDEA- Ace in Textile Consulting Get FRESH IDEAS

“Unique consulting firm where we not only give advice, but also help organisation to market its products with esteem and  professional manner. We believe that for every problem, there is a solution. But the most important is how we generate noble and out of box ideas for every problem of business in a most cost effective and sustainable manner”.

FFIRST IDEA (www.ffirstidea.com), a consulting company inspired by sole concept of being ‘FIRST’ in generating and implementing fresh and new ideas which could be game changer in the business.It’s aManagement consulting firm mainly focussed on advising Indian and International Textile organisations in different areas of business like Strategy, Operations, Investment, Divestment, M & A , Retail etc. FFIRST IDEA has been conceptualised and founded by Mr  Debashis H Poddar (B. Tech, MMS Gold Medallist), Ex CEO of Bombay Dyeing (Textiles).

FFRIST IDEA, inaugurated their new office in Mumbai on 24th Dec 2017 and the auspicious ribbon cutting ceremony was done by none other thanShriRajendraAgarwal, MD, Donear Industries Ltd whom the founder considers as his “mentor”.  This occasion was graced by manywell wishers from the industry and expressed their best wishes to Mr Poddar and were highly impressed by the total facility.

Mr Poddar, avastly experienced professional, has built, managed, mobilized and directed a spectrum of business operations over his venerable career. With 26 years of professional experience which includes business turnaround strategy, organization building, creating and expanding market presence in domestic and international markets, managing transitions from family owned business to professional management and working across diverse global cultures by visiting a few dozens of countries. On the strength of his mentorship, several organizations have been transformed into high quality, learning and contributing systems. Currently he is also an Independent Directorof GBTL Limited, BhiwaniandPresident Director of PT Five Star Textile, Indonesia

Mr Poddar is known for his strategic thinking, leadership qualities and ability to handle and motivate large team. In his professional career, he was responsible for revamping the Company’s product portfolio, rationalizing its product range and planning its business turnover. Mr Poddar believes in Philosophy of “Leadership is not about a title or designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting result, Influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work and finally how one inspires team mates & customers”

FFIRST IDEA team’s vast experience of industry and problem solving approach helps them to offer “differentiated” solutions to its valued clients.It starts with giving “Innovative” solutions to the problems followed by its strict “Implementation” in actual practice and finally to ensure thatit “Delivers” desired results and hence becoming a sustainable model of business for their clients

Its recommendations are purely on the basis of:

  • Thorough analysis of data,
  • Complete market knowledge by keeping continuous touch with final customers and their expectations
  • Process improvement which is long lasting.


TeamFFIRST IDEA involvesthemselves in the implementation of their recommendations and stand by its results. This involves:

  • Decision making through structured MIS on real time basis.
  • Problem resolution by applying 360 degree approach
  • Permanent and overall improvement in working


With huge experience of the  industry, FFIRST IDEA is  well aware of grass root problems and provide practical recommendations to each of the problems.

Whom the association could benefit:

Indian companies:Those who are looking for opportunities for either business expansion or improving bottom line.

International companies:Those who are eyeing India as potential market for its products and specially India Entry Strategy and to develop sales and marketing channel in India. Also any Merger & Acquisitions by foreign companies

Investors ( Both Indian and Overseas PE fund):Business and segment viability study with special focus on Textile & Apparel ( Brand) segment.

Government Organisations:Can act like proper advisors for any feasibility study against bank loan, policy making & recommendation in the area of manufacturing, exports , Investment etc.

Medium Size Family driven Business:Can be useful in transforming business into professionally managed and system driven so that promoters can have more time for future expansions & investments

“At FFIRST IDEA, we believe that we have to be different and value added to our approach so that our customers can be benefitted the most”

Contact: Mr Debashis H Poddar

E-mail: debashish.poddar@ffirstidea.com