February 21, 2024

Ritika Badiani Is Now Not Only An Actress But Also A Food Reviewer

If guys, I tell you that a teenage girl is all set to her new venture as a food reviewer then it wouldn’t be so shocking I think but it would definitely be amazing when you would come to know that the girl, we are talking about is already a known actress and a notable Instagram face none other than Ritika Badiani aka RitsBadiani.

This teen actress  RitikaBadiani is a Rockstar must say! After proving her acting skills in several ads and movies that she has done, she is now all ready with her new venture as a food reviewer.

We’ve all seen her rocking Instagram with her charisma as RitsBadiani and now with her amazing food reviewing skills as “Rits The Taster”. Yes! You heard it right, a new food reviewer in Town as RITS THE TASTER. Must say, what a delicious combination of an actor a  Food Reviewer. We wish her good luck and congratulate her for her new venture, Rits The Taster