February 22, 2024

Actress Rima Guha Thakurta Bengal’s Famous Model Is Going To Step Into Bollywood Soon

Bengal’s famous model and film actress Rima Guha Thakurta is going to step into Bollywood soon. Along with acting, Rima is also a dance music connoisseur and influencer. Rima has worked in modeling, webseries, ad films and Bengali films.  Rima has a charming and talented personality. There was an artist hidden in her since childhood. While she was modeling, a famous director recognized her art and gave her a chance to work in films. Rima accepted this opportunity and she entered the world of acting. After this, she became more confident and was inspired to pursue a career in acting. Then she started working in Bengali films and webseries which enhanced her acting talent. She made her mark by working with actors and veteran directors.

Rima says that working in the Bengali film industry is very enjoyable and inspiring for her. Her art and personality developed by working here. Her dream was to come to Mumbai and step into Bollywood. She came to Mumbai to fulfill this dream. The expanse of Bollywood is huge, there are more opportunities to work here like films, music albums, O. T. T. Etc.

There is a vast difference between the way Bengali films and Bollywood work. She wants to do challenging roles with different shades. There is a lot of variety in Bollywood films which provides a golden opportunity to an actor. She says that Bollywood is such an industry where the talent from all over world comes to try there luck. Rima wants to work in this Mayanagari.

She is stepping into Bollywood with a new energy and passion to follow her dreams and the industry is welcoming her with a lot of love.




Actress Rima Guha Thakurta Bengal’s Famous Model Is Going To Step Into Bollywood Soon