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July 14, 2024

Rohit Pathak’s short film “That Sunday” selected in the 14 outstanding Short film of India

Short films are rare in Bollywood. But many filmmakers have taken the less traversed route and made some interesting short films. “That Sunday” is a grey short film on a house-wife’s best kept secret. A sick husband accidentally discovers one of his wife’s best kept secrets- something related to her past. And this short film was officially selected for the Cannes film festival. Actor Rohit Pathak was seen playing the main antagonist in the movie which is directed by Prabhakar Meena Bhaskar Pant and produced by Roller Coaster Motion Pictures. Now the movie has selected in the 14 outstanding Short film of India. Currently he is busy shooting for “Boondein,” written and directed by Ullahaas Tayade and produced by Deepak Patil. The story revolves around survival and revenge.

Rohit Pathak11 Rohit Pathak2

Rohit Pathak said, “I found the concept was new and was different from a typical regular movies and I really liked the script for me it is a great achievement that my short film was short listed among 14 outstanding short films of India, which had movies from SUJOY GHOSH,ANURAG KASHYAP like big names. For me this itself is an achievement”.

Rohit Pathak1

That Sunday is about the story of a woman getting raped and the confrontation that follows post the traumatic incident.