May 24, 2024

Resurrection of Hinduism in Kerala

The Hindu Helpline – a platform for the harassed and victimized Hindus, launched by the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP), Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) and the Bajrang Dal offering assistance to ‘Hindus in distress’ from almost a decade has successfully  found its roots in Kerala.

The helpline offering assistance to ‘Hindus in distress’ and the special service named Shivaji Hindu Helpline for Hindu girls who are being lured into what they call the trap of “love jihad”.

It was through the efforts of a Kerala High Court lawyer by profession, Pratheesh Viswanath, who is also the all-India joint coordinator and the leader of this helpline set up by the VHP, who had received blessings from late Ashok Singhal and VHP International Working President Dr. Pravin Togadia and other respected RSS leaders who were convinced with the issues and had started the campaign. Viswanath was also seen as the catalyst in bringing the BJP and the Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana (SNDP) and BJP together in Kerala too.

The fact and figures of Hindu girls targeted by Muslim youth and being converted to Islam was mind-boggling all over.  Viswanath was also assigned the task of addressing the issues of “love jihad” across the country and take seminars with community leaders. He convinced the Jatt leaders of Western Uttar Pradesh with his presentation and in turn it orchestrated riots in Muzaffarnagar raking up the “love jihad” issues. There were taken aback to learn the fact about their daughter and sisters being taken away by Muslim boys.

It is a known fact that RSS, the Hindu nationalist organisation and the prinicipal of the Sangh Pariwar group is also widely regarded as the parent organisation of the ruling party of the country, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The core ideology of the Sangh Pariwar was the establishment of Akhand Hindu Rashtra with political power. Even after having its government at the centre and governing with a majority in more than 19 states, the ultimate goal to be achieved still has miles to go.

The news of love jihad, religious conversions and ISIS recruitments are frightening the society and even Hindus and Christians has developed a fear to make friends with Muslims. An Islam-o-phobia has slowly grabbed the society.

The awakening has incited riots in Uttar Pradesh. The same is happening in Kerala which is believed to be a highly secular state. It is the only state that always stood away from the common mood of the nation as a whole. It is very necessary to recognize concepts, rituals and philosophies when it comes to Hinduism within the society and its goals. The saffron brigade could make a breakthrough in the state because of the intellectual teachings and literatures of P. Parameswaran. His rituals could inspire and influence a whole generation. But now the conscious and philosophy of the Kerala is changing. Earlier the parents were more concerned about their children consuming liquor or smoking or using drugs etc. Now in the recent studies it is learnt that an Islam-o-phobia has grabbed the Kerala society and it is more visible in parents of teenagers and college students. Earlier, the parents during their clandestine checking of their children’s room feared to find some cigars or liquor bottles or books on sex. Now they are more concerned whether there are any Islamic literatures hidden within their cupboards. Couple of years before if a Hindu/Christian boy/girl walks inside with a Muslim friend, it would have been normal. But, nowadays things have changed and parents are closely monitoring their children’s friends in suspicion. What led to such a situation points out to one single campaign – ‘love jihad’.

Hindu Helpline is a call centre available 24 X 7. It has civil servants, doctors, lawyers on its advisory board. The helpline volunteers a range of issues, including questions about faith, safety and legal issues. Calls relating to alleged forced conversion of Hindus to other religions are receiving urgent attention. The other sub-arm includes Hindu Advocate Forum which fights legal cases. According to the data, 4000 plus habeas corpus has been filed in the High Court by the parents of Hindu girls who have been trapped in love jihad. Then there is India Health line with hundreds of doctors giving free medical help; Blood 4 India operating like a blood bank for the needy, Sanjeevani – providing free life supporting medicines to the poor and Ek Mutti Anaaj to ensure no Hindus are left hungry.

The silent Hindu resurgence is now visible in Kerala too. The Hindu Help Line will not be limited only in Kerala. Pratheesh Viswanath is busy meeting the community leaders in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh too.

————-Ashok Anchan