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May 24, 2024

2–Day Concert Titled Rooh-e-Ghazal By PADMASHRI Dr. Soma Ghosh

Ministry of Culture, Film Today & Madhu Murchhana




( Revival Of The Ragadari Ghazal Rendering)

Programme Synopsis.

The legendary music director, Shri Naushad Ali, had stressed on the need for the revival of traditional Ghazal singing- the ‘roohani’ style of ghazal, which he had said is losing its true essence, its purity. Naushadji requested Dr Soma Ghosh & entrusted her with the noble duty of reviving this endangered art form.

Over the years now, she has been holding several Ghazal concerts to give impetus to the traditional Ragadari Ghazal rendering. She proposes to hold a 2 –day concert titled ‘Rooh-e-Ghazal’ where she will render Ghazals and provide a platform for eminent ghazal singers as well as the next generation of artists. The 2-day concert will be held at Rangsharda Auditorium, Mumbai. on the 23rd and 24th of March, 2018.

DAY 1: 23rd of March, 2018.


Vivek & Roli Prakash, Chandranath.  (New Artists)

DAY 2: 24th of March, 2018.  

Ustad Ahmed Hussain & Usatd Mohammed Hussain, Satyam Anandjee, Mithilesh Lucknowi (New Artists)



Madhu Murchhana is an N. G. O. committed to the promotion of Arts, Culture and especially Indian Classical Music.  It aims to preserve our rich cultural heritage and promote it among common men, by exposing them to the best of what we have in our tradition.

This aspect deserves special attention today as more and more of our youth are getting alienated from this rich classical tradition, overwhelmed as they are by the massive cultural invasion of our lives through television and now, the internet.  Backed by massive financing from all over the world, these alien cultures are monopolizing all the limelight.  While there is nothing wrong with our younger generation knowing what is happening around the world, there is nevertheless an urgent need for them to be equally exposed to our traditional arts and music.  And that is what drives the nascent organization of Madhu Murchhana, small but with big ambition, dedication and passionate zeal, for achieving the impossible.

Madhu Murchhana has taken iniative to introduce the methods involving music as the medium to reduce psychosomatic effects on adults as well as children, it being the subject chosen by Dr. Soma Ghosh for her doctorate.

Madhu Murchhana is also driven to introduce music therapy in India which has been successful as a therapeutic intervention for people with physical disabilities. These techniques have been used to develop and maintain joint and muscle function or to increase fine and gross motor coordination and control, increase muscle strength, increase range of motion, improve cardiopulmonary and respiratory functioning, improve oral-motor skills, facilitate relaxation and controlled movement, as well as provide an outlet for emotional self-expression and provide opportunities for social interaction.

Dr. Soma Ghosh, the founder trustee of Madhu Murchhana, has taken a strong four-pronged drive –

Educating and training talented students.

Promoting Young Artists.

Musicians Welfare Fund.

Preservation & Promotion Of Endangered Classical Instruments & Gharanas of India

Besides the above-mentioned activities, the organization is also trying to stretch out its helping hands to aspiring musicians, imparting training and support. Special effort is being made to provide support to visually impaired music students   For the mentioned objectives, I plan to bring together ‘Sangeet Gram-Music Village’ which will hopefully help me reach out to a larger audience and help in the preservation & promotion of Endangered Indian Instruments & Gharana traditions.