February 21, 2024

Leens Queens Entertainment Presents: Anis Mirza And Akriti Agarwal’s Latest Song BEGAIRAT

Social media star Akriti Agarwal and Anis Mirza’s music video “Begairat” launched, lyricist Arafat Mehmood, music Shabab Azmii, director Ranveer Rajput, singer Aaman Trikha*

Nowadays social media has become such a platform through which many new talents become stars. The name of social media influencer Akriti Agarwal can be taken in this list, who has millions of followers. Akriti Agarwal, who was fond of dance and acting since childhood, first became a Tik Tok star, after which her videos gained immense popularity on Instagram also. Due to her lovely smile, beauty and facial expression, she got millions of fans. Her performance in many music videos was also praised. Now Akriti Agarwal and Anis Mirza’s new song “Begairat” has been released which is being liked a lot.

Akriti Agarwal and Anis Mirza’s music video “Begairat” was grandly launched at Red Bulb Studios, Mumbai. The producer of this song is Leens Queens Entertainment. Akriti Agarwal and Anis Mirza’s music video “Begairat” is directed by Ranveer Rajput, lyricist Arafat Mehmood, music director Shabab Azmii. Many guests and influencers including Himanshu Kumar Kushwaha were also present as guests. In the video showing the story of a broken heart, Akriti and Anis have given wonderful expressions.

Made under the banner of Leens Queens Entertainment, the singer of the music video is Aaman Trikha who has gained popularity by singing many Bollywood songs. Lyrics are written by Arafat Mehmood and music is by Shabab Azmii. On the occasion of the launch, many guests including Puneet Star, Jogendra, Saddu, Arun ji, Azhar Hussain, Sufiyan Kapadia, Mojassim Khan, Abraaz Khan were present. Everyone praised the song and appreciated the acting of Akriti Agarwal.

Himanshu Kumar Kushwaha, owner of AK Group of Companies, was present as the guest. Himanshu Kumar Kushwaha, associated with the corporate world, is the owner of 13 companies but he also runs an NGO. He also provides free online education. Himanshu Kushwaha has also received many awards.

He praised the hard work and dedication of the entire song team.

Everyone praised director Ranveer Rajput’s direction and concept and said that this song has been filmed exactly like a film song. Aaman Trikha has also lent his voice and acted in the song.


Leens Queens Entertainment Presents: Anis Mirza and Akriti Agarwal’s Latest Song ‘Begairat”

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