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July 14, 2024


Jairush Entertainment & Wadia Productions launch the Poster & Trailer of their Hindi film ” PROJECT MARATHWADA” in presence of cast & crew and media .The trailer showcases a very sensitive issue faced by nation today about farmer suicides.It captures the painful sentiments of the poverty stricken families and shows the extent to which these people are forced to budge.
Veteran actor “Om Puri” portrays the character of Tukaram in this film has been show cased as distressed farmer in the trailer,  whose conducting his son last rituals who commits suicide and is in hapless situation. Each moment highlights the grave loss and the helplessness of the people living in the village with zero hopes . But the twist in the story develops after ” Om Puri ” decides to end his life as he fails in all the attempts of getting any help from the corrupt system . The film also stars Seema Biswas,Govind Namdeo, Dilip Tahil, Farrah Kedar, Caroll, Kunal Seth , Rahul Patel . Om Puri is the highlight of the film while Farrah Kader”:s performance is very good.

Project Marathwada (7) Project Marathwada (6)

Project Marathwada (5) Project Marathwada

Project Marathwada (1) Project Marathwada (3)

Film is Produced by Prakash Patel , Jigna Patel, Jay Prakash Patel,  Co-produced by Niraj Patel, Parful Patel, Sandip Patil, Sadiva Khan, Bhavin Wadia & Eagle Eye Entertainment.Written & Directed by Bhavin Wadia , DOP Archit Patel, Background Music Sanjoy Chowdhary.
Jairush Entertainment & Wadia Productions strongly believe that levering this issue on such a big platform will bring forth the true crisis situation of the farmers being faced in our nation and wake up the dormant government to help the fateful farmers of our nation .
The film is all set for Release on 3rd June, 2016 across India .