February 28, 2024

Dr Jyotsna Singh Master in Psychology Conducting Workshop For Stress Management

I am a Dr jyotsna Singh . I did master in psychology and also I  am  working last 3 years .

I am conducting workshop in stress management study .

Our health is precise so we are care about only. Health .all diseses only psycho somatic . Psych somatic disorders are physical symptoms that mask. Emotional distress .

1what a disorders of both mind and body , where physical symptoms develop from mental factors .

2 How sereve causes can grow from depression , anxiety or strees and manifest into sereve physical symptoms or diseases .

All chronic diseses are psycho somatic .

Highlight ,

. There can be physical from mental illness . For eg with some mental illnesses .

1 you may eat or take care yourself very well which can cause physical problem .

1 it is well known that the mind can cause physical symptoms . For eg when we are afraid or anxious we may develop

Eg .

A fast heart rate

A thamping heart ( pulpitations )

Feeling sick nauseated

Sweating , headache

Fast breathing