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July 23, 2024

“For Salman Khan’s sake, I cannot betray my own country” says Rayya Labib

Rayya Labib , though just 24 is nothing but a sweet dynamite. The lissome and petite lass who is making her debut in Bollywood with the film Lakme directed by Sanjay Khandelwal is a fierce loyalist of the country. Hailing from Assam, the girl minces no words when it comes to airing her view on Salman Khan and his latest statement in support of Pak artistes.

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“I used to idolize Salman Khan and consider him nothing but God but I am very disappointed by his statement that Pak artistes should not be boycotted. Is there a dearth of actors in India that Salman Khan wants to promote artistes like lulia, Katrina Kaif, Elly  etc from abroad. I fully stand by what Raj Thackeray has stated that  we should drive away Pak artistes and if any one in India does not want to, we should drive therm as well. I have no fear that Salman Khan may mar my career. He has crossed the limits and just for the sake of Salman Khan, I just cannot betray my own country.”