May 24, 2024

Guru Raj Kumar Sharma ‘Shandilyae’ Appeals to PM

Guru Raj Kumar Sharma ‘shandilyae’ appeals to P.M. for a singular window taxation and one bank account system President should be selected by the citizens of India
Mumbai: Guru Raj Kumar Sharma (shandilyae), chairman religious and social organization ‘Shiva Gyan’ successfully conducted a spiritual discourse and yoga for the people residing at Bhayander (East) recently. Speaking on the occasion, the guru highlighted various issues including the Presidential election in India. Raj Kumar Sharma ‘Shandilyae’said, “The President is the head of the country and the commander-in-chief of all the Indian armed forces. Thus he should be directly elected by the people of the country and this will be a boon as well as a blessing in disguise for the country and its citizens. From the last 70 years the ruling party or those connected to the party members appoint the President. Till date no President cannot execute his powers adequately and is just like some pièce de résistance. The arbitrariness of the ruling party who voted him to power puts a spanner on his functioning systems in the field of economic, social, psychological which is a loss for the country’s exchequer. Just like the U.S. and the other countries, I also feel that the President should be voted to power by the people of India only. This will give the country a secular and good President without any shackles and thus he will be able to exercise his powers at his own discretion. This will benefit in the progress of our developing nation on the whole.”

Raj Kumar Sharma Shandilyae further adds, “I will also request Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ensure one window tax system including the banking accounts too. Abolishing all other kinds of taxation and imposing one tax policy from each people from the banks and also request each of them to operate only one bank account for the convenience. The government will gain more this way rather than different modes of taxation. This will ease the prices of various commodities and also help in erasing corruption from the system. I believe in the longer run this will help us in the welfare and development of the people and the country too.”
Raj Kumar further augments, “In our country the average income per person is around Rs. 1,11,780/-. If the government fixes 1 per cent tax, then the earnings will be anywhere around Rs. 1 billion and 40 lakh crore. While, now the central government annual budget is around Rs. 22 lakh crore only. This means that if the government changes the taxation policy it will help in strengthening the government, modernize the economy of the country and help in eradicating inflation too.”

————-Sanjay Sharma Raj(P.R.O.)