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May 24, 2024

Surgical Strike movie is tribute to our War Heroes in Urri Attack said Vijay Valbhani

India is the largest producer of films. The patriotic spirit of being an Indian run in our blood. Bollywood has over the years, churned out a number of stories set against the backdrop of wars fought by India.

It has been a year of Surgical Strike and this word is still making news around India. The Surgical Strike was carried out by Indian Army Para SF across LoC in PoK was in response to the tragic Uri Terror Attack. Experts cited it as a befitting action against Pakistan’s terror backing policy. The covert-op is all portrayed on the silver- screen as per the Bollywood Producer Vijay Valbhani. A movie is on cards to re-create the events leading up to the strike and the strike itself. The movie is titled Surigcal Strike.


Vijay Valbhani who is well known producer in Bollywood he dedicated his life to the nation. He always stands for army and army people. While talking to the media he said, “From last 2 year I was in search of good script, I have rejected thousands of script but when Urri incident happened I got hurt but our PM Shri Narendra Modi took very bold step and we all were proud of that step. Then I decided to make movie on Urri Surgical Strike movie name ‘Surgical Strike’ this is tribute to our Indian Soldier. We take the privilege to salute all those who work hard in serving the country and assuring us safety”. The film produced by Vijay Valbhani under the banner of Crytal movie. The film is all set to release beginning of next year.

—–Pigeon Media – Abhishek Dubey(PRO)