May 24, 2024

Kaljai Leera The Soulmate Award organized on 69th Republic Day

Mumbai, On the day of India’s 69th Republic Day celebrations, many eminent personalities from Bollywood awarded at ‘Kaljai Leera The Soulmate Award’ in Mumbai.

The award function was beautifully hosted by renowned Bollywood actors Aman Verma and Leera Kaljai. Many eminent personalities from the industry attended the event. Some of the awardees are- Raju Shrestha, Amit Behl, Birbal, Sahila Chaddha, Yogesh Mishra, Himanshu Jhunjhunwala, Bablu Mukherjee and many more…

While interacting with media, organizer Dr. Sumnash Sri Kaljai said, “This award function basically organized to give the due recognition and honour to the people who has contributed to the film industry in any manner.”

Explaining the meaning of ‘Soulmate’ the host Aman Varma says, “Soulmate is the one for whom you have infinite love. One can be Soulmate with the animal, his friends, spouse or anything else. This Soulmate award is for those who consider their work and profession as a Soulmate.”

List of the awardees are:

Present to best soulmate :GHAZAAL RIZVI FILMWALE & SONI RIZVI

Present to best actor : RAJU SHRESTHA

Present to best actor : AMIT BEHL

Present to best child actress  : ARSHEEN NAMDAR

Present to best actress  : UPASANA SINGH

Present to best jury actress  : VAIBHAVI KAPOOR

Present to best soulmate : KALYANJI JANA & ANKITA

Present to best reallife soulmate : LYNETTE & GANESH

Present to best actress : SAHILA CHADDHA


Present to best jury director : BRAJ BHUSHAN

Present to best ideal film critics : S KUMAR MOHAN

Present to best critics : YOGESH MISHRA

present to best company : PIXEL FARMING PVL. LTD.

Present to best supporting actor : SHAHNAWAZ PRADHAN

Present to best actor : JAVED HYDER

Present to best comedian actor : BABLOO MUKHERJEE

Present to best  supporting actor : DEEPAK QAZIR KEJRIWAL

Present to best supporting actor : BIRBAL

Present to best distributor : RAJU KAMBLE

Present to best pro : HIMANSHU JHUNJHUNWALA

Present to best actor : MEHUL ADWANI

Present to best host : AMAN VERMA

Present to best youngest magician  : SWARANG PRITAM RANDIVE

Present to best debut producer  : AMIT SHANTILAL CHOPRA

Present to chairman group of st.xaviers schools : S CHANDRA

Present to director of St. xaviers schools : SP ANAND

Present to bollywood best actor: GHAZAAL RIZVI FILMWALE

Present to bollywood best actress: SONI RIZVI

Present to best movie advertiser: KRISTNA GUPTA

Present to best distributor & movie advertiser: SHABBIR SHAIKH